Job: Imaging Clerk – Bartlesville

Key Working Relationships:

This position reports directly to the Conoco Phillips Supervisory Staff.  It is a key part of Conoco’s ability to control internal documents.  The individual works closely with Conoco Phillips and JD Young Personnel. This individual is a JD Young employee.

Basic Functions:

The key role of this position is to prep, scan, index and provide quality control for internal documents for Conoco Phillips.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Take in and prep documents by going through boxes, straightening documents, and pulling staples

• Scanning documents into the computer • Indexing and typing descriptions for the documents to make them retrievable

• Some responsibility to the Copy Shop @ Conoco which includes mail delivery around the facility and is responsible for opening and sorting mail

• Regular attendance • Other duties as assigned by Supervisory staff


This role is essential to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.  It is seen as a support position for the Conoco Phillips-Bartlesville location.

Environmental Factors and Working Conditions: The physical environment of this position is general office surrounded by approximately 10-20 other employees. 65% of the position takes place in a sitting mode. Interaction with co-¬workers and customers is required on a daily basis. This position typically requires significant visual effort (e.g. interface with computer and IO-key) and involves assignments requiring significant levels of concentration.  Ability to read and write required. Typical hours of operation are 7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday.

Education and Experience Requirements:

High school education or equivalent.  Must be a team player and show initiative.  This individual must demonstrate, without question, customer service skills, attention to detail, ability to concentrate on quality of service. This individual must present him or herself in a professional manner and be able to interface with personnel at all levels of the organization.  Basic computer literacy required.

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