Do You Know How Much Your Company Spends on Printing?

print cost

Print costs are all too often lumped in with other office supplies costs, which makes tracking print cost next to impossible. However, with JD Young’s Managed Print Services (MPS), we help business owners and CFOs pinpoint this number, and it’s almost always higher than they were expecting. You probably wouldn’t guess it, but a mismanaged…Read Full Article

The Importance of Surge Protection

Surge Protector

  A frequently asked question by customers concerned with protecting their office equipment is, “Do I really need surge protection?” It is common knowledge that a quality surge protector keeps copiers and MFDs safe from damage caused by lightning and disruptive power surges. Yet many wonder how surge protection can actually help improve machine performance and…Read Full Article

The Right Way to do a Giveaway


Giving away free stuff is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook. However, its been done so many times by so many people that giveaways have started to lose their luster. This mainly happened because people have done some really bad giveaways. To help you avoid the common contest faux pas, we made…Read Full Article

Network Control for Remote Access

Network Control for Remote Access

  Network Access Control (NAC) has become a hot topic for a wide range of corporate stakeholders, including business leaders, networking groups, and security teams. Despite all the different NAC solutions available there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what NAC really does. Before looking at the important role of NAC, it’s important to understand…Read Full Article