Electronic Document Management Advantages


GlobalSearch simplifies regulatory SEC? FINRA compliance while providing firms with the capability to increase value, streamline workflow and lower costs.


Maintaining HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance is complex, yet mandatory for healthcare facilities. Whether a physician’s office, medical biller, insurance firm or related entity, organizations can skip the hassle of upholding to HIPAA standards with GlobalSearch.


The Uniform Electronic Transaction Act was developed by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (NCCUSL) to provide a framework for the use of Electronic Signatures in government or business transactions. UETA makes electronic records and signatures as legal as paper and manually signed signatures.

Hire to Retire

Eliminate the paper intensive structure of employee onboarding by implementing Square 9’s Hire to Retire. As a potential employee moves through the hiring process, Hire to Retire allows pertinent information to be captured off a web based employee demographic form. Whenever an application is submitted, Hire to Retire creates a PDF version of that form, including digital signatures applied through a mouse or tablet device. Data elements are repopulated into other required onboarding forms, avoiding repetitive data entry. A flexible workflow is then created, providing notification of post-hire activities including periodic reviews, benefits activation, and credentialing.

Purchase to Pay

Square 9 Purchase to Pay features advanced Enterprise Software Solutions tools which create an end-to-end solution for Accounts Payable automation. The result is a solution designed to have a real and immediate impact on the way you handle Accounts Payable Processing.