Understanding Distributed Scanning

Distributed Scanning

  For years now, the pursuit of the “paperless office” has been a goal of many organizations. The result is growing need for companies to implement content management solutions by using scanners. While some might automatically gravitate toward production scanning solutions, companies have shown increasing interest in distributed scanning implementations. Distributed scanning employs lower-volume scanners…Read Full Article

How to Automate and Streamline Workflows

workflow automation

  It’s 2018 and we’re using technology for everything. Well, almost everything. The number of businesses still utilizing manual, redundant tasks in their operations would surprise you. This is particularly odd when it comes to the continued use of paper files. While documents remain an integral part of business operations, companies keep working with them…Read Full Article

Strategically Manage Your Information


  If your office is lacking a sound document strategy, you’re likely fighting a losing battle. Document automation can be the difference between winning and losing the struggle to manage your information. Document automation solutions design an automated workflow by which your business creates its documents – streamlining and augmenting the creation, deployment, and management…Read Full Article

Automate Your Paper Processes


  Filing and finding paper documents is _________ [fill in the blank]. Most business owners and managers will use words like: “irritating,” “tiresome,” “annoying,” “time-consuming,” and maybe even “a pain in the _____!” It doesn’t have to be this way. Using electronic content management to automate file storage and retrieval is an easy way to…Read Full Article