Patient care is of the utmost importance and documentation helps make exceptional patient care attainable; it fosters awareness, communication and a cohesive plan of care. Insurance forms, billing records, imaging, lab results, prescriptions and physician orders must all be available the moment a patient seeks medical attention. However, if not easily managed, this paperwork can slow business processes and ultimately prolong the immediate and professional care patients expect.

JD Young’s healthcare document specialist can help healthcare organizations track and adhere to HIPAA regulation, simplify the flow of information and proactively reduce the excessive expenses associated with document output.

More specifically, we can help healthcare organizations:

• Automate patient records
• Enable front-office staff and various disciplines to view, share and collaborate on documents simultaneously
• Determine the most suitable document hardware for each workgroup
• Create audit trails to ensure confidentiality and security
• Eliminate storage costs related to filing cabinets and off-site storage facilities

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