Wide Format

Wide Format
Whether you are an architect printing bid sets or a graphic designer producing large posters, sometimes bigger is better. JD Young’s wide format products will allow you to produce monochrome CAD drawings, scan existing large documents to your network and create oversized color visuals. Our wide format products are among the best in the industry, ensuring excellent quality for your company.

Our mid-volume engineering wide format copiers provide outstanding quality and walk up services. Our systems copy originals up to 36″ wide by any length.

JD Young’s wide format printers produce black & white and color visuals at rapid speed. From single roll models for low volume needs to four roll, high-volume applications, our systems create vivid and detailed output. Some of our most advanced production graphic printers can even print up to 60″ wide.

Multifunction Systems
Our multifunction systems scan, print and copy. This allows you to create bid sets, scan existing documents to your network, print directly from your application or send multiple files to print. You can also scan to your network in color.

JD Young’s wide format scanners can scan in monochrome or color from 50 to 9600 dpi. Some of our systems can save to multiple formats and can even scan documents up to 54″ wide.

Supporting Devices
We have supporting devices and supplies that accommodate the construction, architecture, engineering and graphic arts industries. We can provide digitizers, drafting tables, paper trimmers and more to help you with your wide format needs.

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