Be Secure When Employees Leave


Anytime an employee leaves, whether they were full-time, temporary, or seasonal, it’s important to tie up any IT security loose ends. This means you need to check for all of the following: Desk– Check the usual spots employees hide sticky notes and bits of paper that they typically use to stash passwords on. Places like…Read Full Article

BIG Benefits of Outsourcing IT

outsourcing IT

Businesses of all kinds, all around the country are starting to outsource IT services because it lets them grow their business by focusing on generating revenue instead of fixing computers. Dealing with common IT problems like software updates and slow networks is a huge drain on productivity and profitability. Trying to handle these issues in-house,…Read Full Article

Go green, Save green!

Manged Print Services

The environmental impact of printing is not something most companies are aware of. With high energy usage, paper consumption, and inefficient printers, everyday printing at the office can really take a toll on mother nature. By implementing a highly efficient managed print service (MPS) companies are realizing that printing smarter can not only help the…Read Full Article

Document Management Best Practices

document management

Electronic Content Management (ECM) gives you the power to keep, manage, and retrieve all of your files quickly and efficiently. By using a few ECM best practices, you can improve workflow and increase profits by utilizing ECM to the fullest. Smart Strategy– ECM systems can become just as unorganized as traditional filing systems without proper…Read Full Article

Is the Paperless Office Becoming a Reality?


People have been talking about 100% paperless offices for a long time now, but now the science is catching up to the talk. The dream of digitized documents usurping hard copies, is now becoming a reality. This is leading to less clutter and saving money on paper. Everything from books, newspapers, magazines, and even coupons…Read Full Article

Is Your Password Strong Enough?


The dawn of the digital age as brought about many conveniences we all enjoy every day. On the other hand, it has made us all vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacks. With devious entities blasting viruses left and right, your personal information is at risk of being compromised. One of the easiest ways to defend against…Read Full Article

Big Print Savings in Every Department

managed print

At JD Young our Managed Print Services (MPS) help businesses improve efficiency with document workflows. This gives the CIO more time to focus on more important aspects of the business. MPS can also lessen the risk of office equipment abuse by employees. Analysts agree, the addiction to printing needs to be fixed. Whether it’s manufacturers, managed…Read Full Article

Conquer Email Chaos with Document Management


We can all agree that email consumes way too much of our work day. With emails from friends, family, coworkers, clients, and the constant bombardment of spam, keeping your inbox tame isn’t as easy as it once was. In fact, the average person gets around 80 emails every day. The biggest problem with email management,…Read Full Article

Overcome Unproductive Document Searches with Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

The Problem and Its Cost  More than one-third of employees today spend at least 10 hours per week searching for information online, according to The average executive wastes six weeks per year searching for important documents. This data chaos is costly. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, it costs a company $20 to file a document, $120…Read Full Article