Big Print Savings in Every Department

managed print

At JD Young our Managed Print Services (MPS) help businesses improve efficiency with document workflows. This gives the CIO more time to focus on more important aspects of the business. MPS can also lessen the risk of office equipment abuse by employees.

Analysts agree, the addiction to printing needs to be fixed. Whether it’s manufacturers, managed service providers, analysts or procurement specialists, everyone shares the view that organizations have far too many printers. End-users are happy to have the printers, but won’t take the responsibility for managing the costs, so they have to be reined in.

Auditing is the first step to finding the solution. Having an outsider come in to assess the situation and make the tough decisions will ensure objectivity. Most companies have no idea who prints what, how much their print system is being used or how much each department is printing. Larger companies have as many as one printer for every three employees. This makes printing costs add up fast, and the cost to audit this massive system internally would be enormous.

Tying up all these loose ends typically falls on the CIO, but in order to implement an effective MPS strategy the CIO needs to convince all the other department heads that MPS is an important and money saving business tactic. To do this, it might be helpful to stress that MPS can save companies up to 30% on print costs.

Once all departments are on board, a solution is possible and our team can help you find the best solution for your entire organization. Call today for a free print assessment.