How ECM Supports LEAN Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing

Right now the biggest buzzword in manufacturing is LEAN. Every plant, no matter how big or small, is trying to find new innovative ways to cut out waste and increase productivity. With this in mind, most managers keep a close eye on the shop floor, but they have no idea how much time and money their filing cabinet is wasting.

Whenever employees have to spend time filing documents, searching for documents, and recreating lost documents, this lost productivity time is money flying out the window. JD Young offers smart and efficient Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions.

From an intelligent document search that helps customer service answer questions more quickly, to workflow automation that maintains the pace of business processes and alerts managers to employee action and inaction. An ECM system can help your organization increase productivity and efficiency:

• Instant document retrieval.
• Intelligent search methods that support searching with any criteria.
• Streamlined document distribution for improved accountability.
• Reduced labor and clerical mistakes with automated OCR and indexing.
• Management of your entire organizational archives from your desktop computer.
• Fast document distribution with Web and CD publishing.
• Reduced manual data entry costs with document and data capture tools.