BIG Benefits of Outsourcing IT

outsourcing IT

Businesses of all kinds, all around the country are starting to outsource IT services because it lets them grow their business by focusing on generating revenue instead of fixing computers. Dealing with common IT problems like software updates and slow networks is a huge drain on productivity and profitability. Trying to handle these issues in-house, with or without a dedicated IT department, will only create slowdowns and distract you from improving your core competencies.

This business model might seem a bit unnecessary if you’ve never heard of this concept, but here are three ways outsourcing IT can save time and money.

Cost Control– Keeping IT in-house runs the risk of uncontrolled costs. Overtime pay when major issues come up and having to keep salaries competitive to retain employees can both come at a hefty price. By outsourcing, you have one low fixed monthly fee to pay. Having this cost control helps you balance the budget and stay in the green.

Training and Capital– One of the biggest cost associated with in-house IT is paying to keep your staff up to date and educated on the latest trends and methods. This comes in the form of subscription fees, tickets to conferences, and time to digest and absorb all the information. When you outsource IT, you’ll never have to pay for costs like these.

Access to a Full Team- Instead of having access to one or two IT minds, you can have access to an entire company of IT experts. At JD Young, our Managed Monthly Services division is staffed by some of the brightest minds in the IT industry. By having such a high concentration of knowledge and experience under one roof, we’re able to solve any IT issue.

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