Avoiding the IT Money Pit

IT support

Although some companies will need an in-house IT department, outsourcing IT work might end up making sense because it allows your in-house IT department to concentrate on the most important projects without getting bogged down with minor issues. One of the biggest problems when outsourcing is knowing what you truly need. Picking the right IT…Read Full Article

Printer Secrets Your Business Needs to Know

Printer Secrets

Most business owners think their printing systems are just fine the way they are and don’t need any consideration beyond ordering more ink. However, this kind of thinking will lead to wasteful printing and savings left on the table. By using a managed print service (MPS), business owners can tap into several key printing secrets…Read Full Article

Why Document Security Is So Essential

document security

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s another cyber-security threat. It could be a mysterious hacker or even one of your own employees, your company’s data might be more vulnerable than you think. Sadly, using a traditional locked file cabinet just won’t cut it anymore. The problem is that paper documents can be stolen from…Read Full Article

Scan Smarter, Not Harder


When you’re scanning a 25-page document, and end up with 25 separate files on your hard drive, it’s a sign you need a new scanning system. Odds are you have the wrong kind of scanner or you don’t have enough features to run your scanner efficiently. The kind of scanner you own will determine how it…Read Full Article

Get the Most Out of Your Inks and Toners


The having to constantly replace ink and toner cartridges will have a big impact on your bottom line. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of printing supplies you use. Besides just using common sense when it comes to deciding what needs to be printed and what does not, here are some tips to…Read Full Article

How to Protect Your Customers’ Privacy


Every company needs to have a firm grasp of what data they are gathering, how they’re using it, who they’re sharing data with, how all the data is protected, and other related concerns that protect privacy. Develop a Privacy Policy – After policies and plans for collecting and using data are determined, these policies need to be…Read Full Article

Quick Fixes for Everyday Printer Problems


Tiny printing problems happen to everybody — it’s the nature of the beast! Luckily, most of these small snags are easy to fix without the need for expert backup. These tips will help you tackle some of the most common printing glitches: Paper Jam Open the printer and find the trapped paper (check the interface…Read Full Article

Is Your Company Bleeding Red Ink?


In the average American office, each employee will print 1100 pages every year. This adds up to around $1,000 a year per employee, which can account for up to 3% of a company’s expenses. To make matters worse, it costs an estimated $6 in related costs for every $1 spent on printing. Between the expensive…Read Full Article

Three Telltale Signs You Need Managed Print Services

Signs You Need Managed Print Solutions

Optimizing your fleet of office equipment takes more than a standardized approach. Every office is different and thus, each office’s print needs are different. When a fleet of office equipment is managed properly, the benefits are clear. However, sometimes it can be unclear whether or not you need to spend the time and money optimizing…Read Full Article

The Different Types of IT Security: What You Need to Know

Types of IT Security

The significance of IT security can’t be exaggerated, and it’s vital that every company take steps to defend against attack. Being familiar with the three primary kinds of IT security will help you make better implementation decisions. Network Security Stop clicking “Remind me later” on antivirus software updates. Keeping your software updated and performing regular…Read Full Article