Printer Secrets Your Business Needs to Know

Printer Secrets

Most business owners think their printing systems are just fine the way they are and don’t need any consideration beyond ordering more ink. However, this kind of thinking will lead to wasteful printing and savings left on the table.

By using a managed print service (MPS), business owners can tap into several key printing secrets that will save money and increase efficiency.

Forget You Have Printers– Well, don’t forget entirely, but you don’t need to be messing with printers every day. MPS has features like proactive monitoring that curtails breakdowns and intuitive toner replacement that tells you exactly when to replenish toner. It’s features like these the help you forget all about your printers until it’s actually time to print.
Finding Secret Cost Savings – One of the best aspects of MPS is that it optimizes your printing systems and identifies older, energy-consuming devices and replaces them with newer more efficient devices, which will save money on the utility bill and on printer supplies. In fact, the average savings for an MPS customer adds up to 30% on printing costs. With savings like that, MPS will practically pay for itself.
Adding Smart Security – While most business owners are aware they need to secure their computers and networks, far too many are unaware of the gaping hole lurking in their cyber-security plan. The data that’s constantly beamed to the printer is just as susceptible to attack as the data stored on a hard drive, and thus, must be properly protected. An MPS system will take appropriate steps to safeguard any and all data that travels between your computers and printers.

MPS is the best-kept business secret that will save your company time and money. Contact us today to learn more about MPS and how it can benefit your business.