Bring Promo Into the Digital Era

digital storefront

It’s 2017, which means it’s time to stop emailing out an Excel spreadsheet with your company promo products to your employees. This is asking for orders to get lost and creates way too much work for the organizer. Instead of using emails and spreadsheets, let JD Young create a custom digital store front for all of your company apparel and promotional products.

What is a Digital Store Front?

To simplify the ordering process, we can create a digital store front for any company, of any size, that lets employees order company branded items. You get to handpick all the products you want in your store, brand them the way you want to, and give employees their own personalized login credentials. Once employees login, they can order uniforms, promotional products, and whatever else you want them to have access to.

Benefits of a Digital Store Front

Brand Consistency– When you have multiple locations it’s hard to maintain brand consistency, especially when each location is ordering from separate vendors. By consolidating to one digital store front, we can ensure every location has the same branding, colors, and materials. Every shirt, pen, and business card will have the same look and feel across the board.

This is also helpful if you need to order different uniforms for different departments within the same company. For example, a car dealership might need uniforms for mechanics, sales, and administration. Although these uniforms will look different, they still need to maintain a consistent brand message. Our digital store front lets you do just that.

Employee Appreciation– Part of creating an enjoyable company culture is showing employees appreciation for the work they do. A gift card or small bonus are go-to appreciation ideas, but an even better (more cost effective and easier) option is a coupon for free company branded apparel. We have tons of great items employees love in our inventory. Insulated tumblers, Callaway golf shirts, water bottles, and just about anything else you can think of. If you think of an item you want in your store, one of our reps can track it down for you.

Storage– We all know buying in bulk is always cheaper. The only downside is you have to find a way to store the bulk. Not with JD Young. We have the capabilities to sell you items at discounted bulk rates and store it in our warehouse for you. When an employee needs an item, we’ll pull it and ship it straight to your doorstep.

Quality Control– Although this system is fairly automated, you still get the quality control of working directly with one of our reps. A human eye will still be reviewing orders before and after printing to guarantee your items come out looking just like you imagined. If there is a problem, your rep will work with you and our print shop to fix the problem and get you your order in a timely manner.

Saving Time and Money– Possibly the biggest advantage of using a digital store front is that all your orders are going through the same place. Instead of spending your time stringing order together through multiple vendors, we can be your one-stop shop for your promo shop. By doing this, we can look at the big picture and find ways to save you money with product suggestions and buying strategy.

Now that you know all about digital store fronts, you’re probably wondering how well it works and if your company is right for this program. To help answer those questions, download this free case study and testimonial from digital store front clients!