Top 4 Ways Invoice Scanning Saves Staff Time

invoice scanning

Employee’s time is almost always a company’s most valuable resource. Thus, companies need to be on the prowl for ways to free up more time and allow employees to work on tasks that add value. One huge time suck for lots of businesses is dealing with invoices. Scanning invoices offers four ways to save time…Read Full Article

It Hacked the German Government. It Can Hack You.


The WannaCry Virus Over the weekend, the world experienced one of the most severe ransomware outbreaks (named WannaCry) in history, with businesses of all sizes in over 150 countries impacted. Most notably, the Russian Central Bank and Germany’s railway system were both hacked by this newest outbreak. This Malware virus is gaining access to computers…Read Full Article

A Disaster Doesn’t Have to Put Your Company Out of Business


In today’s always-open, 24/7/365 business climate, data is essential to success. From files and email to smartphones and databanks, business data is widespread and exposed. This is why having a plan for when disaster strikes is more important than ever. Most companies hit by a disaster fail within two years, according to FEMA reports. However,…Read Full Article

MPS Improves Business with No Money Down


A driving force behind the growth of managed print services has been the combination of the need for reducing printing costs, more complex printing, and shifting customer needs. MPS can address these three issues by taking over certain printing aspects and working with the client to optimize the services the client will retain. This can…Read Full Article

Three Stages to Savings


The interest in managed print services (MPS) has been growing over recent years because of the need for cost savings, more complex printing, and shifting consumer needs. The ultimate goal is to help a customer achieve his targets – and the resulting spin-off of customer binding to his vendor. MPS, or fleet management, is the…Read Full Article

Piles of Paper Have No Place in the Modern Office

paper piles

Since the dawn of the first computer, businesses have been trying to go paperless. Since this goal comes with more efficiency, better collaboration, improved savings, and a smaller environmental impact, it’s clear why so many businesses are chasing after this goal. Although most companies like the idea of going paperless, some are still hesitant. However,…Read Full Article

It’s Time You Re-Think Your Document Strategy


Although it might be hard to find time in today’s fast moving business world, occasionally taking a step back and reassessing your strategies is a necessity for success. Something you’ll probably find when doing this is that some strategies need to be ingrained habits, instead of thoughtful approaches. Managing and archiving documents is a great…Read Full Article