Top 4 Ways Scanning Solves Business Problems

Business Problems

Many companies find it problematic to reach a balance between physical documents and the sometimes mysterious dream of going completely paperless. Though physical and digital documents both offer their own pros and cons, bridging the gap between the two isn’t always easy. By employing a smart scanning strategy, your company can save money and time…Read Full Article

Scanning: Is Faster Always Better?

scanner speed

One factor that separates good scanners from great scanners is speed. The question companies need to answer is, “how much speed do we need?” It’s common to think that more speed is better, and while a faster scanner will offer a boost in productivity, the law of diminishing return certainly applies to scanners. The faster…Read Full Article

How to Pick an IT Partner

it provider

When you’re in search of an IT partner, there are four criteria points you’ll want to look at. These points are: speed, communication, quality of service, and cost. Speed– One of the biggest reasons to invest in a robust IT program is to eliminate downtime and the accompanying loss of productivity, which will both result…Read Full Article

Protecting Your Mobile Devices from Hackers

Mobile security

Almost everyone owns a mobile device today. Everywhere you go someone is using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the rise of these devices, people are now using them for work to access company data on-the-go. While mobile devices are convenient and can give a boost to productivity, they also pose some risks. Since they…Read Full Article

The Bottom Line of Document Management

bottom line

Offices across the country are being flooded with data and information coming from all kinds of sources. This overload of important of information needs to be stored and organized in a manner that’s both secure and easy retrieve. Thankful electronic content management (ECM) can do just that. An ECM system can quickly and easily capture,…Read Full Article