Let MPS Lighten Your Load

print savings


When you consider most companies in America spend 15% of their budget on printing, the prospect of saving between 22% and 35% on printing is quite appealing. The best way to achieve this level of print savings is to employ a managed print service (MPS).

In addition to saving money on print costs, MPS can also take some superfluous work off your employee’s plates by shifting the management of the printer fleet to the MPS provider. This allows employees to focus on revenue generating projects instead of dealing with a paper jam and constantly ordering print supplies.

This shifting workload will especially help IT departments. Unmanaged printer fleets are notorious for bogging down IT departments with all kinds of glitches and bugs. Troubleshooting these kinds of issues is a huge drain on time and resources that are better allocated elsewhere.

Another big benefit of MPS is getting rid of the need to stockpile supplies. Paper, ink, toner, and other supplies will all be monitored and ordered when needed, so you won’t have to worry about running out or dealing with backorders. When levels get lower than the designated quantity, the supplies will be shipped without you lifting a finger.

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