What to Look for in Managed Backup

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Managed IT services are getting more and more popular with companies of all sizes. Whether you have a big business or a small one, managed IT backup will improve your network service and support, and give you better data security. Unfortunately, backup is commonly ignored because of its bland and oftentimes boring nature. However, managed…Read Full Article

A Tech Talk your CEO Can’t Miss


CEOs usually aren’t very interested in the internal workings of their company’s IT management. This lack of interest can make breaking through and selling the significance of IT to some CEOs very hard. Luckily, there are a few ways IT administrators can get their CEO’s attention when it comes to this issue. Companies that have…Read Full Article

Leveraging Your Resources with Document Management Software

Leveraging Your Resources with Document Management Software

No matter where a business is located or what products and services they offer, wasted time and money is an issue every business wishes they could fix. Using an Electronic Content Management system can certainly help achieve this goal by putting cash back in your pocket and letting your employees focus on revenue generating tasks….Read Full Article

Finding the Right Copier Speed for Large Offices

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How do you know if the copier you purchased will meet your company’s needs? To find the perfect copier, you need to understand what all the features and terminology really mean. Furthermore, you need to see how the different criteria will affect the price and performance of the unit. The engine is where the toner…Read Full Article

Page Volumes Decline but We’re Still Printing


Experts have been predicting a printerless office for many years now, but these predictions have yet to come to fruition. While it is true that offices are printing fewer pages, we’re far from pulling the plug on our printers. International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a study over page volume of digital hardcopy devices (which included…Read Full Article

Five Tips of Deleting Electronic Information

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Making the decision to archive documents or store them electronically can have a huge impact on a business and its legal standing if those records are ever needed in the future. To avoid problems down the road, there must be policies created that will analyze what can be archived and what can be permanently deleted….Read Full Article

Top 3 Reasons to Use Automated Forms Processing

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What are a few reasons why you should consider using automated forms processing? Decrease Data Errors: Manual data entry creates opportunities for errors. By automatically processing forms, errors are significantly decreased and the accuracy of your captured data is much higher. Faster Data Entry: The speed of form processing is greatly improved when the process switched from…Read Full Article