Document Management Makes Life Easier for SMBs


Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) often have a hard time staying organized. Trying to match workload demands to staff size can lead to disorder and clerical errors. However, using the right document management system can help SMBs stay organized while saving time and money. Here are four ways electronic content management (ECM) can help SMBs.

Simplifies Records– Stop worrying about cramming another file cabinet into the office, or buying another expensive storage unit just to keep records. With ECM, you won’t need bulky filing cabinets or room for storage because everything will be securely stored in the digital world. Not to mention, ECM systems are designed to be in full compliance, so your next audit will be a breeze.

Expedites Communication– With ECM, teams can communicate and collaborate without the fear of losing files or working with an outdated version of the file. This creates an environment in which employees can work more efficiently with maximum productivity. By creating a centralized hub of all important files, employees can work from anywhere at any time and maintain a high level of productivity.

Improves Security– With hard copies sitting in filing cabinets, anyone who can get their hands on the keys can access any file they want, but with ECM you get much more security. You can limit who has access to what files and who has editing permissions. It will even track revisions, so you know who updated or shared the file last.

Enhanced Backup Recovery– When paired with a backup disaster recovery (BDR), ECM gives you easy access to all your files if a disaster destroys your office. All your files will be safe and sound, and you can get back up and running without having to deal with lost data.

ECM can remove some of the stress of owning an SMB. Let the software streamline your records and workflows, while enhancing backup and security. Contact JD Young to learn more about our document management solutions for SMBs.