Be Proactive with Managed IT

proactive IT

  As technology becomes more of a necessity to keep a competitive advantage, businesses across all industries are looking for ways to improve their IT processes and methods. The business world has become dependent on computer software, connected networks, and hardware to complete even the most basic daily operations. One great illustration of this dependence…Read Full Article

Secure, Searchable PDF’s Made Easy


By using document imaging software, you can convert electronic and paper documents to text-searchable and secure PDF files. Once converted, these PDFs can be included in multiple business applications and workflows. This software lets employees scan, merge, modify, and connect documents with the software they use every day. Scan: Use desktop scanner or copiers to…Read Full Article

The True Potential of Scanning Solutions


Most companies have a limited view of scanning that only includes the advantage of electronic storage. While storing files electronically is a much better storage method than traditional filing cabinets, there are many other benefits to scanning that businesses may be unaware of. Scanning is a great way to lower document costs and improve operational…Read Full Article

Document Management Increases Communication and Collaboration


Filing cabinets and microfilm are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In their place, Electronic Content Management (ECM) has become the go to solution for companies that want to stay organized and cut out the clutter. However, an ECM system can only perform at its peak when all users have access to the system. Thankfully,…Read Full Article