I Know What Password You Used Last Summer


Today we come across a tale of a lone man desperately seeking a Wi-Fi connection, only to be foiled by a chance encounter with a coworker. Will his quest end in success or will he be left in the doldrums of technology? Only the video will answer for this question. Click to watch…if you dare….Read Full Article

Color Printing is No Longer a Luxury

color printing

Back in the day, color prints were a luxury in most offices. Thanks to several improvements in print technology, modern offices are finding that color prints are actually an affordable option that can save money in outsourcing costs. Today, color prints are the norm in the workplace because companies are investing in high-quality print equipment. Without an in-house multifunction device…Read Full Article

Maximizing Efficiency in Your Print Environment

print environment

Despite the growing desire to go paperless, offices across the country are still printing at a steady clip. We might achieve a paper-free office one day, but it won’t be anytime soon. This means printing will continue to be a necessity, whether we like it or not. So, if you’re going to print, why not…Read Full Article

All In One Processing Center


Consider all the paper and digital documents that travel through the various channels of your company. The number of documents being printed, scanned, faxed, copied, and distributed is dizzying. Consolidating all this work into a high-powered and multi-function printer can save your company time, resources, office space, and frustration. More and more businesses are leveraging electronic fax…Read Full Article

Get Control of Network Printing Costs


Do you need to address out of control costs associated with network printing? Managed Print Services (MPS) allows dealers to collect data on a client’s printer fleet and discover where they can save money on printing. Having this data at your disposal is a huge competitive advantage because it helps you better track all your…Read Full Article

The Value of Workflow Flexibility


Change is unavoidable in business. As technology and strategies are continually evolving, your business must adapt to stay competitive. So, when choosing a document management workflow solution, it is essential to find a solution that is adaptable — it must be flexible enough to change as your business, its needs, and processes change. The optimal…Read Full Article