Avoiding Cloud Attacks

cloud threat


The cloud has allowed companies to expand their services and offerings without having to invest in a costly onsite server system. While this is a great opportunity for those who take advantage of the savings, it also opens the door for potential threats. To curb the threat of a cyber-attack on cloud data, precautions need to be taken.

Here’s what you can do to protect your cloud data:
Get Everyone on the Same Page

When companies make the switch to cloud storage, it’s not uncommon for the majority of end users to be completely uneducated about the best practices for using the cloud. Once management has made the decision to use the cloud, it’s important to take time and ensure everyone in the company knows how to safely use the cloud.

Keep Talking

On the other hand, a recent study by Netskope found that 90% of cloud applications used by employees aren’t officially approved by IT managers. Not knowing what applications are being used can open the door for hacks and attacks. Communication needs to work both ways. Employees need to be educated on best practices, and management needs to be aware of how employees are using the cloud.

Protect Your Files at All Costs

One of the best ways to keep files protected is to create consistent security encryption policies that ensure control. Set standards for which employees can view, modify, or print your files, based on whether they are on a laptop, mobile device, or desktop computer.

Hackers are only getting smarter and they’re constantly finding new ways to steal data. Companies need to be just as proactive in their cloud security efforts to fend off would be data thieves. Everyone who has access to the cloud, from top management to entry-level employees, needs to understand the importance of security and what they should and shouldn’t do to keep company data safe.

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