Nightmare on Cord Street



He was running a little late so Danny decided to go in through the back to avoid walking by the boss’s line of vision. Slyly slipping by undetected, Danny quietly sat down at his desk. He put his bag down, listened to a few voice messages, turned on his computer, and went to grab some coffee from the break room. Upon his return, he was surprised to find his computer screen was still black.

He tried pushing the on button again, but to no avail. Danny was wearing his favorite suit, so he didn’t want to crawl around the floor to check the cord connections. Instead, he tried shining a flashlight underneath his desk, but couldn’t get a good enough look at everything. Begrudgingly, he bent down and tried to figure out which cord was the power cord.

Once underneath his desk, Danny discovered an entangled web of cords and cables that seemed to be impossible to separate. After struggling for a while, he finally identified the power cord. He started following the cord, hoping to find it next to an outlet unplugged. As he followed it, Danny couldn’t help but feel that it was much longer than it should have been and the underside of his desk seemed to stretch on forever. Regardless, he continued to crawl and follow the cord. Eventually, he came across more and more cords until they were all around him.

He stopped crawling and realized he wasn’t under his desk anymore. Somehow, he had been transported to a world filled with never-ending tangles of cords. Desperate to find his way home, he turned around and started following the power cord the other way, back to his computer. But there was no hope. Danny quickly realized the power cord he was following had somehow become ensnared with the other cords and was now impossible to find. So that’s where Danny remains. Surrounded by cords, hopelessly wandering, trying to find his way home.

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