What Does Your Promo-Bouquet Say About You?



When you’re shopping for promo products, try to think about a bouquet of flowers. Odds are you’ll have some roses (the show stoppers), some baby’s breath (the accent pieces), and some greenery (the fillers). The same three-tiered approach can be used when buying promo products.

Let’s pretend you’re planning on attending a big industry convention in the near future and want to have some promo products. You know there will be tons of people walking by your booth, you’ll also be grabbing a few lunches with current clients, and you’ve also set up some meetings with warm leads. So, how do you go about identifying products for these three groups of people?

To solve this problem, let’s start from the bottom of the pyramid and work our way up. In this situation, the people walking by the booth are the greenery in the bouquet. You’ll want something that’s relatively cheap and comes in large quantities. Typically, it’s best of focus on quantity instead of quality at this level. This is not to say you should automatically get the cheapest products out there and hope for the best.

Level one products need to be attention-getting, long lasting, and memorable. Pens, koozies, and notepads tend to be the default option here, but you can do better. Highly practical items like chip clips or letter openers are affordable, durable, and memorable.

Moving up to level two, your current clients are loyal and are kind enough to give you their business, so you’ll want to give them a little something extra. The same rules still apply here, but since you’re more likely to see ROI with this level, you can afford to spend a little more. Going with a high-quality flashlight or bottle opener will give you a long-lasting impression.

Last but not least, the deals you’re trying to close. If there’s ever a time to pull out all the stops, it’s now. Throwing in a few promo products when you handover the proposal or contract is a great way to sweeten the pot and remind them of your customer service. Branded Yeti tumblers are a great option when trying to seal the deal. The quality is universally known and everyone can use another coffee tumbler.

If this isn’t your exact situation, the concept still holds true. The main point is to buy different levels of quality for the different situations you’ll find yourself in. Most people do a good job of buying lots of cheap products they can give away to anyone and everyone, but stocking some higher quality products can help set your company apart.

There is meaning behind each type of flower, and whom it’s given to.  Ensure that your “Promotional Flowers” are picked carefully to best suit the recipient, and branded clearly to represent the quality of your company and services. Pick out your bouquet for your next event, and let our branding specialist assist you to create a long lasting impression for your business today!

Bouquet Specialist – Jacqueline Quinnett

Email – jquinnett@jdyoung.com.  Direct – 918.814.0034