Simplify Invoicing with MPS


In a fast-paced office environment, keeping multiple vendors organized can be extremely time-consuming and difficult – especially for your accounting department, which has to process a separate invoice for each vendor.

When it comes to wrangling multiple vendors, the biggest inefficiencies often come from your printer fleet. Billing becomes a nightmare for your accounting department when you use separate vendors to get ink and toner, parts, service, and repairs

However, when you simplify accounts payable and billing processes, your accounting department will function much more efficiently. One of the easiest ways address these inefficiencies is to streamline your print environment, and eliminate the need for multiple vendors and payment cycles.

With Managed Print Services (MPS) from JD Young, all your print-related issues are consolidated under one roof and billed on one convenient monthly invoice. This enables predictable billing and frees up your internal resources for more productive tasks.

With MPS, you’ll have one stop to get all your supplies, repairs when needed, and all your printer needs. We’ll also remotely monitor your printers and supplies, to provide service on-demand and help you stay on top of your supply orders. We can also provide you with tailored management reports regarding your printers’ output and efficiency.

Service costs and print usage details are summarized in a single, convenient invoice that includes all print-related costs each month. Not only will you realize increased operational efficiency with consolidated billing, but you’ll also achieve greater accountability and lower your overall printing costs.

Top benefits of MPS include:

  • Streamlined accounts payable
  • Predictable billing from a single vendor
  • Proactive monitoring and service
  • Detailed reports on device usage to help maximize efficiency
  • Reduced & consolidated printing costs