All In One Processing Center


Consider all the paper and digital documents that travel through the various channels of your company. The number of documents being printed, scanned, faxed, copied, and distributed is dizzying. Consolidating all this work into a high-powered and multi-function printer can save your company time, resources, office space, and frustration. More and more businesses are leveraging electronic fax and document delivery software with their MFPs to cut costs and time by working smarter. Faxing is still a great way to quickly send documents without having to pay for expensive shipping fees.

Here are the top benefits of using your MFP to automate electronic faxing.

Consolidation Means Cost Control- Just one fax server can support multiple MFPs in an office. This eliminates the need for multiple fax machines, modems, phone lines, and related supplies. This trims the fat while still letting you take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of faxing.

Maximize Existing Investments: When you combine network faxing with the existing capabilities of your MFP, you can extend your infrastructure investments and increase your document output by higher utilization of network resources.

Security and Compliance: Sending and receiving faxes via your fax server is a great way to support corporate compliance. You can also track fax history, control user permissions, get delivery confirmation, automatically route incoming faxes to employees, and much more.

Simple Implementation and Organization: Fax server software streamlines managerial tasks by unifying document creation, copying and delivery functions on an integrated networked solution.