Color Printing is No Longer a Luxury

color printing


Back in the day, color prints were a luxury in most offices. Thanks to several improvements in print technology, modern offices are finding that color prints are actually an affordable option that can save money in outsourcing costs. Today, color prints are the norm in the workplace because companies are investing in high-quality print equipment.

Without an in-house multifunction device (MFD) color printer, an office will have to rely on local print shops to handle all their color needs. This will incur higher prices and unpredictable turnaround times. Instead of outsourcing color prints, opting for an in-house machine can give you the same quality of printing at a fraction of the cost. Going in-house will also give your company the convenience of on-demand color prints whenever you need them.

Having low-cost on-demand color prints is a great tool to have in your toolbox. Black and white prints might be okay for internal purposes and first drafts, but studies have shown that color prints perform much better than black and white. Adding a pop of color will help your company communicate better with your client and customers by instantly capturing their attention. Whether it’s a sales proposal, an invoice, project update, or thank you card, color printing will help set you apart from your competitors.


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