How MPS is a Critical Component of Risk Management

risk management


Risk management is a critical part of any business. Whether it’s processing receipts, cutting checks, printing private reports, or handling records protected by HIPPA, Managed Print Services (MPS) can help your company avoid risk on all fronts. Here are four ways MPS can improve your risk management

Workflow Improvement– Security is important, but often it comes at the cost of efficiency. That’s not the case with MPS. Confidential documents can be digitally scanned and then shredded at the same workstation, and the accounting department can quickly print checks from a secure location.

Information Security– Instead of outsourcing big print jobs to the print shop and exposing your sensitive data to whomever the shop hired, keep all your printing in-house. This ensures only your trusted employees will be privy to financial records and other important information.

Data Encryption– Anytime you send a document to the printer using a wireless connection, that data is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Unless your print network is outfitted with encryption-encoding technology, this data is a sitting duck. MPS protects your data by ensuring everything is encrypted.

Real-time Monitoring– With MPS you can see who printed what, when they printed it, and which printer they used. This helps you identify users who print too much and properly allocate printing budgets for each department based on usage.

Risk management is not optional for businesses of any size. Fortunately, MPS can provide valuable security tools for your company. From data encryption to monitoring, Managed Print Services is a critical component of risk management. Call us today for an assessment and put MPS to work for you.