Start Printing Digital

digital printing

Over the past few years, copiers have transformed from a simple one-trick pony into a sophisticated digital print engine with a digital scanner stacked right on top. By adding network connectivity and a sufficient print controller, you can have a pretty decent high volume network printer.

This digital shift is a great move for your P and L statements. By moving high volume print jobs from a cartridge based system to digital system, you can take advantage of serious savings in ink, toner, and cost of ownership. If you’re thinking about making the switch to a digital device, here are four questions you can ask yourself.

  • Do we print more than 500 pages a month on desktop, cartridge-based printers?
  • Could we benefit from printing staple sorted sets?
  • Could we save even more by printing double sided?
  • Do we frequently print a job on a desktop laser printer and then turn around and run multiple sets on the copier?

When the time comes to ditch your cartridges, call JD Young to see all your options and get the multifunction device that’s right for you.