Aligning IT with Business Strategy


IT support and functionality is a key part of any modern business. However, IT isn’t always seen as an integral function of the company. All too often, IT is seen as a necessary evil that only causes more problems than solutions. This doesn’t have to be the case. When you align IT with your core business objectives and strategies, you can optimize resources, avoid workflow bottlenecks, and save money. This alignment can also protect your company from cybersecurity threats.

Some companies will opt to keep all IT operations in-house, some will outsource everything, and some will do a bit of both. Regardless of methodology, keeping IT aligned with the rest of your company will propel the company forward.

Increasing Security

Technological advancements have created a boom in user productivity, but they have also amplified the number of ways sensitive data can be compromised. Companies can curtail data breaches by using a 3rd party to conduct a security assessment of their IT infrastructure. This can identify weaknesses including guarding devices, protecting networks through secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, limiting access, and frequently examining and auditing all print devices, particularly networked MFDs.

Developing Business Buy-in for Your IT Strategy

Aligning IT with the rest of your business will require buy-in from the stakeholders and managers of each department. This might also include getting buy-in from customers if this alignment involves the use of new or different technology that changes the user experience and end product or service provided. A simple way to get buy-in from all needed parties is to ask how technology is limiting and enhancing user experience. This will highlight areas that are working well and identify the ones that need the most improvement. Gathering this kind of data also gives ownership to the end users when they see their opinions played a role in the final product.