Choosing Printer Priorities


Getting a new print machine for your office is a big decision and there are several key factors to look at before you sign the final contract. To make sure you get the right machine that fits your needs, consider the following.

Look at what and how much you’re printing.

The first step is to do a thorough analysis of what you’re printing and how much you’re printing. Make sure to look at what you’re outsourcing to the print shop and see how much you could save by bringing those print projects in-house.

Find out how many people will be using the printer.

If multiple users will be using the same printer from different locations, you’ll need to get a printer with network capabilities. A network printer can skyrocket productivity and remove workflow bottlenecks.

Get a duty cycle that will grow with your office needs.

The duty cycle is a common term used to compare printers. It refers to the number of pages a printer can handle over a designated amount of time. This is where doing step 1 will come in handy, because you’ll need to know how many pages you print in a month. It’s a good idea to pad this number by 20% to give yourself some room to grow.

Understand coverage area

Another metric you can use to compare printers is coverage area. This refers to the percentage of the page you can cover with ink and toner. In most cases, the specifications will say something like, “you can print xxxx pages with xx% of coverage area.” This lets you know what the ink bill will be.