Combine Efficiency and Technology to Get Profitability


In an ideal world, your business would be firing on all cylinders, working both effectively and efficiently. However, if you don’t have the right systems in place and your staff isn’t properly trained on these systems, your company will be shooting itself in the foot. Inefficiency in the office can affect workflows and lead to sub-par work and results. Is your company reaching its full potential?

Signs of Inefficiency

The signs of inefficiency are numerous, and lots of businesses show one or more of these signs across different departments. Here are a few illustrations:

Business Development – Sales executives with limited knowledge of their marketplace, their company’s competitive advantage, unique selling proposition, account base, and opportunities for a sale.

Finance – Collections, AP, balance sheets, and reports generated by request with little control and limited monitoring by management.

Operations – Doing things the way they’ve always been done for the sake of tradition is a common sign of inefficiency. Examples of this include warehouse procedures, supply chains, and manufacturing methods that aren’t computerized or in a central database.

HR – Recruiting, background checks and hiring taking place without job descriptions or even a formal process to follow. Training that is haphazard and lacking in form or structure.

How to Prevent Inefficiency

The management team needs to take a look at the current processes, workflows, and the results yielded from these systems. They should then use their experience and knowledge to upgrade the current systems. The best systems will allow people to interact with technology and let information flow up and down the chain of command. Only then will technology be seen as a valuable tool.

A successful business will be marked by efficient use of processes and people. An outdated process will only frustrate your employees, cost you profit, and handcuff your business. Instead of testing the waters of workflow automation, dive in deep and see how it can change your business for the better.