Is Investing in Optimizing Your Print Fleet Worth the Cost?

Print Fleet

Signing up for managed print services (MPS) can save companies up to 30% in printing costs, but can these savings justify the cost of the service? The simple answer is yes, the cost of MPS can easily be justified by the savings and strategic planning we offer as the service provider. Once we have the data we need, we can start taking the following steps.

  • Pinpointing Problems: Find over/under used devices based on needs vs. performance backed by a thorough understanding of how the business’s document situations could be enhanced.
  • Redeployment: Restructuring or replacing sub-optimal devices with right-sized devices within the current fleet or with new devices.
  • Re-deployment Strategic Planning and Communication: Work with all levels of the company to establish a set of priorities to judge which devices need be addressed first.
  • Phased Plan Communication: Work with all levels of the company to create a phase-out plan for devices that don’t fit into the new plan and future strategies, including communication and training strategies.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Recommendations: Identify devices where service, parts, and maintenance are more expensive than it would cost to replace the device, as opposed to those that could be kept and optimized with appropriate service routines.
  • Process Improvement Strategies: Develop more efficient systems for obtaining supplies, including the installation of devices.
  • Process and Maintenance Optimization: Create more efficient procedures and practices for service calls, as well as insights about migration to the ideal fleet.