Go Green with Your MFD

go green

Multifunction devices (MFDs) are an incredible thing. They can take care of all kinds of important jobs for your company. They offer one convenient and effective location for you to print, scan, copy, and fax as much as you want to. To put it simply, MFDs make your job easier. However, it is important to reduce the environmental effects of these machines and look for ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and the electric bill.

To help you go green, we came up with some ways you can reduce your MFD’s environmental impact and save you money at the same time.

  • Power up with Power Save. Most MFDs have power-saving modes that are intended to decrease energy consumption. Power-saving options allow the MFDs to use less power while not being used. This saves energy (and saves money), but still lets the printer stay on so it can quickly wake up for the next job.
  • Get smart about paper. One of the biggest potential savings is found in your paper and toner use. Try using paper-saving options like duplex printing, or save toner by printing in grayscale. Or, just reuse already-printed paper by printing on the blank side.
  • Check before you print. Lots of printers and MFDs have a draft or toner-saver mode that decreases the DPI (dots-per-inch) so the printing is lighter, but still legible. This way you can save toner when you are printing internal documents or drafts.
  • Implement controls. Secure printing allows you to regulate how much paper is used by the user and when they use it. Setting user controls and requiring print release codes at the MFD, can considerably decrease needless and unclaimed print jobs. This can eliminate large amounts of waste and also help in maintaining the security of confidential documents.

These tips can help create a more energy-conscious office. They also ensure that you actually save on print costs and energy consumption while still making the most of your MFP.

For more green tips or information on finding the right eco-friendly MFP for your office, contact us today.