How to Leverage a Company-Wide MPS

company wide

When you’re looking to incorporate managed print services (MPS) into your business model to increase profitability, you need to gather some key bits of information. This data will help you determine how valuable MPS will be to your company and give employees a voice in the process to ensure their needs are met. This preliminary information gathering can be broken up into three steps.

  1. Qualitative Phase – This will determine user needs by facilitating group sessions and one on one interviews with employees in your company.
  2. Quantitative Phase – This will measure what features are important to your people and current satisfaction of user needs through surveys.
  3. Features Use Phase – This will measure the importance and usage of specific features of the current print, copy, scan, and fax as defined by the users.


In our experience the most common needs employees request are:

  • Ease of operation- trouble-free, user maintenance free
  • Support- quick access to “how to” information
  • Convenience of location- finding the best place to put machines
  • Time to deliver- getting their needs met in a timely manner
  • Ease of use- no training required for basic operation
  • Availability- device ready when user walks up

Going through this information gathering process will help you identify what needs are most important and what the current satisfaction level is with the current system. Once you have this information you can tailor the MPS plan to meet the needs of the employees, which will also help you get buy-in from all employees in the company.

It’s important to remember that, while MPS can be a cost-saving measure, this program won’t be successful if the employees don’t see the benefit. Make sure to position this change as a way to make their jobs easier and more efficient.