A Not So Nerdy Team



Signing up for managed network services through JD Young comes with several key advantages. Two of the biggest advantages are our team approach and our strict hiring criteria.

Teamwork Makes the Computers Work

Every MNS customer will have a dedicated virtual chief information officer (vCIO) who is based right here and Tulsa and serves as the customer’s main contact point. This vCIO will handle the initial assessment, manage all proactive patching, conduct quarterly reviews, and take care of any major issues that may arise. While this vCIO might be the only JD Young face the customer ever sees, they have the support of an entire team of other IT professionals behind them.

Our vCIO teams are constantly swapping the latest trends and information to help each other stay ahead of the curve. During our weekly meeting, every vCIO has the opportunity to get help with any problems they’re working on and get advice on the best way to handle it. With this approach, MNS customers get the consistency of a dedicated IT manager with the knowledge and experience of an entire IT team.

Knowledge Isn’t Everything 

All of our vCIOs are masters of everything tech, but a high IT IQ isn’t the only thing we look for when we hire. We know how frustrating it is to experience a computer problem and then have an IT guy speak a language you don’t understand when they explain what’s wrong. The value of basic people skills is often overlooked in our industry, but we’re working to change that. We want you to feel like you have an IT guy you can call for any problem, knowing you’ll get an answer you can understand and that you’ll have a friendly experience resolving the problem.

Our approach might not be the traditional or the norm, but we think it delivers the best results. If you want to see these results first hand, give us a call.