If You’re Going to Print, Print Efficiently

Print Efficiently

We might be printing less, but we’re still printing a lot. Study after study has shown that the average office employee prints around 10,000 pages a year. It doesn’t look like we’ll stop printing altogether any time soon, but there are steps we can all take to print more efficiently.

Here are a few ways to minimize the amount of money your company spends on printing, and its impact on the environment.

Think, Then Print– It’s important to only hit print when you’re really ready to print. Do all the reviewing and editing you can on your computer and avoid editing on hard copies to cut down on printing multiple versions. If you want to print a website page, make sure to use print preview to avoid printing ads and sidebars.

Save Ink– Use grayscale as the default print setting and only switch to full color on the final version or for client-facing documents.

Fonts Matter– In 2014, a teenager discovered the government could save more than $200 million a year by using Garamond instead of Times New Roman when printing documents. You probably won’t save that much, but using thinner and lighter fonts like Garamond or Evergreen can save on ink.

Look for the Star– Always buy or lease ENERGY STAR certified printers. These machines are designed to use less energy and prevent paper waste.

Double Down– Why use one side of the page when you could use two? Setting your printer to do double-sided prints can save you a ridiculous amount of paper.

Avoid the Fancy Stuff – Utilize thin, inexpensive paper for interoffice or internal use. Only use a higher-grade paper when printing materials that will be used for presentations or distributed to clients.