Tips For Maintaining and Caring for Laser Printers

laser printer

Laser printers were designed for easy maintenance and reliable, high-quality production. Using a few simple tips will protect your laser printer from common problems.

What Are The Four Main Problems?

  1. Power issues – it won’t power up when you turn it on.
  2. Communications problems – files not printing.
  3. Jams – paper is getting snagged in the trays.
  4. Image – printing the wrong file.

Keep It Clean

Most damage done to printers comes from a buildup of debris. Electronic failures can even start with a dirty printer. Keeping the machine clean, preventing toner and dust from accumulating at key points is always a best practice. Gently clean the inside of your printer every time you change the toner cartridge. Use a damp cloth to remove dust and debris and a damp Q-Tip to access cavities. If you need help figuring out how to properly adjust the printer, call your customer service rep for help.

Keep Track of Reoccurring Service Problems

Service techs always record their visits in a log, but you should also track common service problems too. Fewer than 5% of communications problems are caused by a defective printer. Standard printers are simple machines that do the same thing over and over. On the other hand, your computer and network change on a daily basis. Check all the networked options before assuming the printer is at fault.

Error Message Doesn’t Always mean a Major Malfunction

There are all sorts of messages that a printer sends out: prompts such as PAPER OUT and PRINTER OPEN, reset errors such as 13 PAPER JAM and 51 SERVICE, and fatal errors like 50 SERVICE or 55 SERVICE. You can’t underestimate the importance of listing each message exactly! Without this info, your technician may not know which parts to bring on-site.