Stopping the Revolving Door

IT help

All client names have been changed due to confidentiality agreements.

When IT isn’t a priority as organizations grow, the results can be devastating. With every new IT manager and service provider comes a new plan, hardware preferences, and infrastructure architecture. Organizations are left with a jumbled mess of mismatched technology if this trend goes on long enough.

The Client

The goal of Oscorp Outreach is to assist local community members and promote camaraderie.  Oscorp Outreach employs over 100 people in multiple offices around Northeast Oklahoma. Each location houses a variety of community services including business coaching, teaching, and training.

The Problem

As Oscorp grew, their IT staff saw a lot of turnover and change. The organization had been through multiple IT managers and outsource service providers, but never found a solution that worked for them. Every new manager and provider implemented their own strategies and plans that would inevitably be overturned by the following IT czar. To make matters worse, there was little to no documentation of changes and strategies from any of the past attempts to reign in Oscorp’s IT. This cycle left Oscorp with a mess of outdated and poorly configured computers and network infrastructure.

Our goal was to make sense of this mess and give Oscorp a clear master plan to overhaul and standardize their IT environment without disrupting day to day operations.

The Solution

After carefully studying Oscorp’s operations through multiple onsite visits, we were able to reconfigure and prioritize the IT infrastructure for the entire organization. One key change we prescribed was setting up a virtualized server environment to reduce hardware costs and enable easy server management.

By implementing 24/7 helpdesk support and assuming the responsibility for monitoring and maintenance of the new environment, Oscorp was able to eliminate the need for a full-time network administrator.

The Outcome

Instead of a haphazardly assembled IT plan, Oscorp now has a clearly defined plan that promotes growth and efficiency. Our solution set gave Oscorp standard guidelines to follow as they continue to grow and makes adding new business applications easy. The new configuration reduces tech support requirements by retiring aging PCs and deploying low-cost and low-maintenance desktops.