Digitize Your Documents


It takes a typical office worker 12 minutes to process a single document according to recent estimates. Of those 12 minutes, nine are spent searching for, retrieving and re-filing the document. This means only three minutes are spent actually reading and using the information on the file. A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers’ report found that the average…Read Full Article

How to Automate and Streamline Workflows

workflow automation

  It’s 2018 and we’re using technology for everything. Well, almost everything. The number of businesses still utilizing manual, redundant tasks in their operations would surprise you. This is particularly odd when it comes to the continued use of paper files. While documents remain an integral part of business operations, companies keep working with them…Read Full Article

Pain Points that Can be Avoided by Outsourcing Your IT

Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT services using JD Young’s Managed Network Services (MNS) helps you ease the pain points that come with an in-house approach to IT. These pain points include: Human Capital Management– It’s difficult for the average company to find money in their budget to employ a dedicated in-house IT specialist who has all the talent…Read Full Article

Which Scanning Option is Right for You?

scanning options

The need to convert paper documents into digital data is only growing as more and more companies recognize that doing so improves efficiency, workflow, and compliance while reducing administrative costs. However, it can be hard to sort through the different scanning options. Here’s a bit of information on some of the most popular scanning options…Read Full Article

What Exactly is a Meter Read?

Meter Read

Most office machine providers regularly contact customers asking for the meter or copy count for their machine(s) as part of routine maintenance. But there’s more to the process than meets the eye. Obtaining an accurate copy count for a copier or multifunction product enables providers to effectively manage the contract and maintain a customer’s office…Read Full Article