5 Rules for Using Public Wi-Fi

public wifi

People are working on the go more and more these days, and they’re using public Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops and airports to get the job done. While this is convenient, using public networks also exposes you to risks. Make sure to follow these five rules when using public Wi-Fi.

Play it Safe– Avoid accessing sensitive data when you’re using public Wi-Fi. Reviewing a few reports or browsing the web will be fine, but checking your bank accounts or opening private client information can end badly.

Watch for Fakes– Just because the Wi-Fi is named “Official Airport Network” doesn’t mean it was actually set up by the airport. Creating a bogus network and giving it an official sounding name isn’t hard to do. Check for signage that indicates the name of the real network before you connect.

Turn Off File Sharing– Most modern computers come equipped with file sharing software that is typically turned on by default. Make sure to turn this function off before using any public Wi-Fi networks.

Update Software– This is a best practice for multiple reasons, but especially for using public Wi-Fi. Keeping your OS, antivirus, and antimalware software up to date will limit the number of ways hackers can access your data.

BYOWi-Fi– If all else fails, the safest option is to bring your own Wi-Fi with you by using a hotspot device or tethering to your smartphone. This is a surefire way to protect yourself while working on the go.

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