Power Up a Classic Trade Show Handout

charger lanyard


There’s one thing every trade show attendee will get as soon as they walk through the doors, a lanyard name tag. Trade shows normally buy the cheapest lanyards money can buy, and as such, they will be promptly discarded as soon as the show is over. This is a great opportunity for you to make a lasting impression.

In JD Young’s inventory of thousands of products, you can find item CPN-558035874, more commonly known as the Lanyards Charger Cable. This new product looks like a normal lanyard, but the cord doubles as a phone charger for both Apple and Android phones, making this one of the most practical and memorable giveaways. Not to mention your logo being printed multiple times on the cord.

Never lose connection because you are wearing it around your neck. A unique and functional promotional tool, these eye-catching, full color lanyards are made of rugged PVC and snaps in and out of the provided cable attachment smoothly, yet holds securely. For Android phones place the connector into the port Micro side up. To use for iPhones, just flip the connector upside down and you are ready to charge. The included lobster claw key ring keeps name tag and other precious items close at hand, making this a high-value item that will be used daily.

lanyard charger

Everyone is always struggling to keep our phones at full strength, and phone chargers are one of the easiest items to forget to pack. So why not replace a boring throwaway item with a super useful item your potential customers are sure to keep around.

These charger lanyards come in multiple colors and we have a few different options depending on your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about this great product!