Use Data to Save Money on Print


Most enterprises are missing opportunities to control assets and costs by not managing office output devices. We have access to new managed print software tools and services to help track, manage, and improve the total cost of ownership of output environments. These services and software enable us to help customers effectively manage their office output…Read Full Article

Understanding Distributed Scanning

Distributed Scanning

  For years now, the pursuit of the “paperless office” has been a goal of many organizations. The result is growing need for companies to implement content management solutions by using scanners. While some might automatically gravitate toward production scanning solutions, companies have shown increasing interest in distributed scanning implementations. Distributed scanning employs lower-volume scanners…Read Full Article

The Worth of Print Assessments

print assessment

Can understanding your print spend inefficiencies help you save money? Yes! According to multiple studies, businesses spend an overwhelming 1 to 3% of annual revenue on internal printing costs. What’s even more shocking is that these companies are blissfully unaware of how much money they’re wasting. We created a print assessment to help companies realize…Read Full Article

Let Scanning Add Some Color to Your Business

color scanning

  Business is not a black-and-white world. In fact, the best businesses are downright colorful! Research has found that market forces are pushing for widespread adoption of color documents. This is just some of the latest research supporting the benefits of color scanning and the significant impact it can have on your document management process….Read Full Article

Do You Know How Much Your Company Spends on Printing?

print cost

Print costs are all too often lumped in with other office supplies costs, which makes tracking print cost next to impossible. However, with JD Young’s Managed Print Services (MPS), we help business owners and CFOs pinpoint this number, and it’s almost always higher than they were expecting. You probably wouldn’t guess it, but a mismanaged…Read Full Article

The Importance of Surge Protection

Surge Protector

  A frequently asked question by customers concerned with protecting their office equipment is, “Do I really need surge protection?” It is common knowledge that a quality surge protector keeps copiers and MFDs safe from damage caused by lightning and disruptive power surges. Yet many wonder how surge protection can actually help improve machine performance and…Read Full Article