Electronic Content Management Can Help Green Your Business


Electronic content management lets you digitize the paper-intensive processes in your company, promoting efficiency and optimizing your use of resources. Transforming manual paper processes into automated electronic processes is becoming increasingly popular with businesses all over, and for good reason. Besides saving companies time and money, electronic content management will also reduce the carbon footprint…Read Full Article

Quick Fixes for Common Print Problems

print problems

Little printing problems happen to everyone — it’s the nature of the beast! Fortunately, some small hiccups are easy to address without calling for expert backup. Follow these tips for fixing some of your common print problems: Paper Jam Open the printer and find the trapped paper (the user interface will usually tell you where…Read Full Article

Leasing vs. Buying: What’s the Best Choice for Your Business?

office printer

One of the biggest questions to answer when acquiring a new office printer is whether to lease or buy. It’s kind of like buying a car, there are endless options and upgrades to choose from and shoppers will have to weigh the pros and cons of leasing and buying. To make this process a little…Read Full Article

Bring Your Scanned Documents to Life with OCR


As the world continues to go more digital, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is playing a major role in making this transition. Using computer algorithms, OCR can convert scanned images of printed text or even handwritten notes into a machine-readable format. By converting files into a digital format, users can edit, search, and store files with…Read Full Article

Office Printer Security Risks

officer printer security risks

Responsible businesses go to great lengths to ensure the security of their data, and with good reason. A data breach can cost a company thousands of dollars, their reputation, and even criminal penalties in certain industries subject to regulatory compliance. Despite their efforts to protect their data, many organizations fail to protect one vulnerability found…Read Full Article

Scanning Your Office to Efficiency


Technology is changing the way we operate in today’s offices. Specifically, the way we manage data has gone through some major changes. Digital imaging allows us to convert hard copies into digital formats that can automatically be sorted and stored based on a wide variety of criteria. This helps businesses cut wasted time and money…Read Full Article

Why Printer Maintenance Isn’t a DIY Project

Printer Maintenance

From home repairs to car mechanics, we’d all love to be able to fix everything ourselves. It’s always tempting to roll up your sleeves in hopes of saving some money. However, when it comes to office equipment, office staff members are often ill prepared to wrestle with potential problems. Here are a few reasons why…Read Full Article

Common IT Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

small business miskate

Every company in the world depends on some form of technology to function and achieve success. This means companies, especially small companies, need to put a lot of thought into their IT-related decision. In a small business, these IT decisions can have a huge impact and it’s all too easy to make common mistakes. Being…Read Full Article

Are Security Experts Wrong About Passwords?

password security

For years now we’ve been educated on the importance of ‘strong’ passwords and what constitutes a strong password. When creating a password, you must include both letters and numbers, with at least one of those letters capitalized, to help ensure your privacy. Be sure to include a special character as well, and avoiding personally-identifiable information,…Read Full Article