Quick Fixes for Common Print Problems

print problems

Little printing problems happen to everyone — it’s the nature of the beast! Fortunately, some small hiccups are easy to address without calling for expert backup. Follow these tips for fixing some of your common print problems:

Paper Jam

Open the printer and find the trapped paper (the user interface will usually tell you where the jam is). Gently remove the piece of paper, making sure to keep the paper straight and your pressure even. If the sheet tears, make sure to retrieve all the pieces before starting up again.

Printing Too Slow

Slow printing can be caused by a few different problems. First, double-check the size of the file you’re trying to print. Reducing the file size will use less of the printer’s memory and might improve the speed. If the file size is reasonable, try draft mode. If it’s not those two, you may need to check your network connection or upgrade to a printer with more memory and processing speed.

Nothing Printing

If the printer isn’t acknowledging your job, first check the other printers and make sure it’s not simply going to another device. If you’re printing to the correct device, check the paper tray for paper and the cable or network connection. As elementary as these tactics may sound, they are common solutions to having nothing happen when you hit “print.” If all else fails, restart your computer or printer and try the process again.

Poor Print Quality

Make sure the image on the file you’re printing matches your print setting specs. If not, poor print quality may mean that you need to resize the image or find a better one. Poor quality can also result if your paper type is wrong. For smudges and lines, print a few empty pages to clear the toner head.

If you run into any of these common printing woes, don’t worry—the solution is usually within reach. If things are more serious or fixes don’t seem to be working, call in the professionals. Our specialized knowledge and tools will keep little problems from becoming big issues.