Case Study: Appliance Superstore


The name of the client has been changed to protect confidentiality.   Appliance Superstore established itself in the early ‘60s as a family owned appliances and electronics store located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They sell and service everything from kitchen appliances and washing machines to television and dishwashers, all under one roof and at rock-bottom prices….Read Full Article

Case Study: City of Eton

mps case study

The name of the client has been changed to protect confidentiality. Employees of the City of Eton serve approximately 350,000 Eton citizens. The immense amount of documents produced to operate the city government is astonishing, and without structured document workflow, the City of Eton was not able to address the immediate needs of its employees,…Read Full Article

Maximize Your ROI: Document Management Best Practices


Your company has already turned to electronic content management (ECM) to purge paper from your workplace. You’re now seeing the many benefits of storing, archiving, and managing documents digitally, increasing efficiency and productivity in the company. But are you maximizing your return on investment? Here are the ECM best practices you should follow to maximize…Read Full Article

Summer of Sales- Project Fairway

summer of sales

Whether it’s a networking event, charity tourney, or just a well-spent Saturday, golf season is in full swing. To make sure you and your company look good on the links, we’re offering the following flash sales on your favorite golf products and apparel. Head here to get more details on these great sales. All products and…Read Full Article

When Service Is More Valuable Than Technology


For better or worse, modern businesses rely on technology, equipment, and hardware to function properly. Between computers, servers, printers, scanners, etc., companies need equipment to be in optimum working condition at all times. Despite technological advances and improvements, machines will malfunction and servers will go down. When equipment goes down, work grinds to a halt…Read Full Article