Case Study: Appliance Superstore


The name of the client has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Appliance Superstore established itself in the early ‘60s as a family owned appliances and electronics store located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They sell and service everything from kitchen appliances and washing machines to television and dishwashers, all under one roof and at rock-bottom prices.

  • The Challenge

Appliance Superstore was faced with the issue of an outdated black and white copier that also came with a high maintenance bill. They used this black and white machine to print everyday documents and had an expensive HP color laser printer for all their color needs. They used a mixed fleet of approximately 19 devices, with no control over supplies or repair/replacement of broken devices. Not only was this problem costing them a lot of money to maintain, but they also had no one in charge of keeping tabs on any of their printing costs.

  • The Solution

To ensure Appliance Superstore received the best solution possible, JD Young performed a full print assessment that revealed two major issues:

1) There were multiple outdated machines that needed to be eliminated from the fleet to reduce costs

2) Many of the devices Appliance Superstore utilized were not designed to handle large print jobs, which was increasing the overall cost of printing

To alleviate these problems the machines needed to be upgraded to a larger device designed to handle the volume of printing Appliance Superstore was averaging. Upon completion of JD Young’s print assessment, we were able to reduce Appliance Superstore’s fleet of machines from 19 down to 12 while replacing their current HP color device and black and white machine with a Toshiba E-Studio 3530c, equipped to handle larger volumes at a much lower cost.

To save Appliance Superstore even more money, the Smart Print solution was installed. Smart Print is a remote management software that sends alerts when a machine becomes low on toner. With this new monitoring system, Appliance Superstore can organize their workflow processes and free-up valuable time to focus on their core business.

  • The Benefit

Upon completion of the print assessment, Appliance Superstore was equipped with new systems and a software package that puts the management of these systems in the hands of JD Young. Now we are able to remotely monitor all their devices, and spot printing trends and volume changes. If a specific machine begins printing at higher volumes we will remotely recognize this and contact Appliance Superstore to address the issue.

Overall, the Smart Print solution and the newly installed machines have saved Appliance Superstore an average of 30% a month compared to what they were previously spending on printing expenses. They now have one point of contact when they need a machine serviced or have a question about something on their account. Each month Appliance Superstore receives a single invoice for all their printing needs, which makes life much easier for their accounting department. The employees at Appliance Superstore are thrilled with their new equipment and the addition of the Smart Print software.