Case Study: City of Eton

mps case study

The name of the client has been changed to protect confidentiality.

Employees of the City of Eton serve approximately 350,000 Eton citizens. The immense amount of documents produced to operate the city government is astonishing, and without structured document workflow, the City of Eton was not able to address the immediate needs of its employees, vendors, or citizens. City of Eton management approached JD Young with two document inefficiencies that needed to be addressed: document hardware and the on-site print facility.

  • The Challenge

Document Hardware

The City of Eton employees had multiple printing, copying, and scanning devices at every workstation. Because most of these were not networked, there was little control over the content, quality, or quantity being printed. Additionally, many of these devices were old and required expensive maintenance and supplies to function.

On-Site Print Facility

The City of Eton has a print shop for internal and external communication and marketing purposes. However, prior to JD Young’s involvement, there was very little printing expertise, quality control, or support being implemented. As a result, many employees were choosing to take projects to local mom-and-pop printing shops, costing the city time and tax-payer money. Furthermore, there was no way to digitally submit projects. Employees had to physically walk projects to the print shop for pricing and set-up.

  • The Solution

After a complete print assessment, which included a review of workplaces, floor plans, and interviews with staff members, JD Young created a cohesive managed print services plan to optimize print processes while saving the City of Eton money. Below are some of the print solutions implemented at the City of Eton offices.

Document Hardware

  • Replace antiquated scanners, desktop printers, and copiers with multifunction devices
  • Place newly purchased equipment on one network allowing IT professionals to be proactive in the management of equipment efficiency
  • Select and install devices with configuration capabilities allowing departments with highly sensitive documents to implement access codes and security features
  • Educate users on features such as duplex printing and scanning to email, which cuts down on paper waste

On-Site Print Facility

  • Create a print shop that is easily accessible and highly functional
  • Staff the City of Eton print facility with proficient printing experts focused on customer service and quality control
  • Establish an online project submission tool, Digital Storefront, that allows City of Eton employees to submit projects online, check project status and select historical jobs for reorders.
  • Produce a training program for end-users so the ordering process is easily understood and followed


Quotes from City of Eton

“JD Young is such a great business partner for the City of Eton. The products, services, and support they provide are first class.”

“City employees enjoy working with JD Young because they are very professional and are always trying to help the City meet their needs in a timely/responsive manner. They are very flexible and always have a solution that meets or exceeds the City’s expectations.” 

“JD Young is making a big difference in the way Eton citizens and City staff are doing business with the City of Eton. The solutions they have provided have helped transition the City’s day-to-day business operations into a new era. As a result, the City has automated several day-to-day customer service operations to become more efficient.”


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