Top 5 Ways Scanning Solves Business Problems


Lots of companies find it hard to balance between physical files and the dream of going paperless. Although both physical files and digital files offer their own pros and cons, one of the main concerns for companies is how to bridge the two ideas. By using electronic content management (ECM), companies can save time and…Read Full Article

Going Green with Managed Print Services

going green

The topic of environmental sustainability and going green has grown to global attention in recent years. Today, the green movement is influencing businesses big and small. Some office equipment manufacturers are starting to build their products to achieve environmental initiatives and have recently introduced ink supplies, like reusable cartridges, to decrease waste and hazardous chemicals….Read Full Article

Building a Disaster Recovery Plan: The First Steps to Peace of Mind

Disaster Recovery

Disaster in the workplace is never predictable. You’ll never know when it will happen or how bad the damage will be. However, with a well thought out disaster recovery plan, you can rest easy knowing your data and IT systems will up and running soon after the disaster strikes. To get this peace of mind,…Read Full Article

How Much is Outdated Technology Costing Your Business?


Technology changes at such a fast pace that it’s hard to keep your devices, equipment, and software up-to-date. While it’s meant to help your business run more efficiently, outdated technology can have the total opposite effect. Here are four examples of the ways relying on outdated technology can cost your business. Security Outdated technology will…Read Full Article

Document Imaging Defined


Document imaging can be defined as the conversion of paper documents into electronic files that are stored digitally. By storing these images in a digital format, quick and easy access is at your fingertips. More and more businesses are realizing that document imaging is a better alternative to the old-fashioned (and outdated) paper filing systems….Read Full Article

Color Makes Business Sense


What is it about color that makes business communications more powerful than black and white? Recent studies have shown that using colors and graphics in sales and marketing resources can significantly boost the impact on customers. Check out these numbers and see for yourself. It only takes readers 2.5 seconds to decide whether they want…Read Full Article

Dramatic Business Improvements with Business Technology

Business Technology

By using technology to reduce manual processes, such as the identification, sorting, and routing of files, businesses can dramatically improve their productivity and slash their document processing expenses. In the current financial climate, businesses are becoming more conscious of the problems caused by relying on manual file sorting, manual data entry, and other manual processes….Read Full Article

The Nitty Gritty of Color Printing

color printing

It’s one thing to hit print and hope for the best. It’s quite another to know, or better yet trust, exactly what your printer is doing. Color printing is a complicated process. A better understanding of exactly what’s happening with all those pixels will lessen some of the stress related to getting that perfect picture….Read Full Article