Going Green with Managed Print Services

going green

The topic of environmental sustainability and going green has grown to global attention in recent years. Today, the green movement is influencing businesses big and small.

Some office equipment manufacturers are starting to build their products to achieve environmental initiatives and have recently introduced ink supplies, like reusable cartridges, to decrease waste and hazardous chemicals. Others have concentrated green initiatives on offering valuable suggestions for energy consumption.

With Managed Print Services (MPS), you’ll get the biggest bang for your green buck. Our Managed Print Services not only help your business go green, but also increase productivity while lowering your overhead costs. Just look at these green benefits of MPS:

  • MPS assessments offer the opportunity to measure baseline environmental metrics for your energy usage, carbon footprint, and paper usage.
  • MPS fleet optimization of your business’s print machines provides the opportunity to upgrade an aging fleet with more energy-efficient devices.
  • MPS technologies for toner reduction, duplexing, and other types of printing will reduce overall paper and toner use.
  • MPS workflow improvement will leverage electronic document solutions that include scanning, capture, workflow, and electronic content management technologies.

Although going green may resonate with some decision-makers, significant cost reduction is the ultimate driver for any business. While paper reduction represents one of the best metrics for measuring and improving environmental sustainability for the office today, monitoring device energy usage is also a consideration. Call JD Young to learn more about how MPS can help go green and save some green!