Three Reasons to Lease Instead of Buying

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There are many issues that need to be deliberated when you’re trying to find the right office equipment.  It’s not just about getting the ideal device to address all the wasted time in your office, you need to consider how the payment plan is structured and if it makes more sense to buy or lease. Leasing is a feasible choice for many businesses who want to have the most up-to-date technology without paying high costs.

That leads us to three reasons leasing can make more sense than buying.

  1. No Money Down: Most leasing companies do not require down payments. This feature is especially favorable to those businesses with low cash levels.  When planning to buy equipment, vendors usually require a minimum of 10% down on the cost of the equipment.
  2. Equipment Upgrades: There are lease agreements which include upgrades where an obsolete machine can be replaced throughout the life of the lease. This option prevents businesses from being stuck with costly equipment that can no longer be used.
  3. Service – What happens to service when you buy office equipment and pay it off? If you let your service contract lapse, it can be difficult to find good parts and supplies for the antiquated machine. By staying in the loop of leasing and upgrading, you’ll find that the best service follows the newest machines.